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2016 PCS-SEG Ballot – Please run for office and vote

Dear PCS-SEG Members,

It is time for our PCS-SEG Election, we would like some or all new officers, please let me know if you want to run for a SEG Office and I’ll re-do the Ballots.
If you need your name removed from the Ballot – please let me know.
If you are going to attend the SEG luncheon November 4th – I’ll have Ballots for voting at the lunch and thank you for coming!!
If you are not going to the luncheon please email your ballot to:

2016 Ballot


Stan Eschner – “Lynch Canyon Oil Field – It’s History, Geology and Development”.

Please join us for the PCS-SEG monthly luncheon on Wednesday, November 4th, at the Petroleum Club.

The meeting will feature Stan Eschner of Trio Petroleum. The title of his talk is “Lynch Canyon Oil Field – It’s History, Geology and Development”.


Event Details: Wednesday, November 4th, 2015
Time: 11:30-1:30
Location: The Petroleum Club, 5060 California Avenue
Students FREE Lunch – a local Oil Company will pick up your lunches
PCS-SEG Members $20.00 with reservations $25.00 without reservations
$20.00 PCS-SEG Membership Dues
$5.00 Membership dues for student PCS-SEG Student
Please make reservations by Monday, November 2nd, at noon.

Please direct questions to Kathy Smith at