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Christof Stork – “Addressing land seismic data quality issues that cannot be easily fixed by huge fold”

Please join us for the PCS-SEG monthly luncheon on Wednesday, March 10th. This will be a virtual meeting held using the Zoom meeting platform.

The meeting will feature Christof Stork of Land Seismic Noise Specialists. The title of his talk is “Addressing land seismic data quality issues that cannot be easily fixed by huge fold”.

Interpreters can be frustrated by that land seismic data is often 10-100x noisier than marine data.  There is room for optimism since source and receiver counts for land seismic data are each recently going up by about 10x. This increases total fold by about 100x, which is a revolution.  But, there are still some significant noise issues the huge fold does not fix well:  1) consistent wavelet distortion of the near surface, 2) near surface scattering, 3) guided waves, 4) 3C noise, and 5) acquisition access issues.  Because of the competitive & heuristic nature of land seismic acquisition and processing, these topics have been R&D starved.  I will demonstrate the issues and show there is potential for significant technology improvements that are complementary with the new high fold data.

Christof Stork graduated with a Ph.D. in geophysics from Caltech in 1988 and then a Postdoc at Stanford.  He has been involved with 5 startup companies, of which 4 1/2 were successful.  Christof has been a leader in reflection tomography, wave equation migration, FWI, and land acquisition considerations.  Christof has twice had a measurable impact of greater than $1 billion on the industry with Wave Equation migration and RTM. 

Event Details
Date: March 10th, 2021
Time: 12:00 to 1:00

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