Call for Abstracts: SSA Anchorage 4/30/14 – 5/2/14

Seismology is entering an era of innovation where it is increasingly possible to record and utilize spatially unaliased wavefields for both structural and source studies with industry and research applications. We encourage seismologists pursuing science goals and methodologies associated with very large arrays, networks of arrays, or other dense instrumentation innovations and applications to submit abstracts to our session for the SSA Anchorage (30 April – 2 May) meeting (

The abstract submission deadline is 10 January 2014.

Thank You,
Rick Aster (Colorado State University) and James Gridley (IRIS PASSCAL)
Session Conveners

Emergence of Continuously Recording Very Large Array Capabilities in Seismology
Enhanced recovery, injection well monitoring, microseismic monitoring, energy exploration, and reservoir characterization/monitoring are driving dramatic new commercial-sector seismic instrument development and analysis techniques in the energy industry. The associated multichannel capabilities are up to orders of magnitude greater than have been available to non-industry-aligned academic seismology. This expansion of monitoring and imaging scope has also produced renewed emphasis on the use of broader-band instrumentation at very large network/array scales. This session will encompass both the diverse scientific/industry opportunities associated with the deployment and analysis of very large numbers of seismographs, and opportunities for associated novel collaborations within the greater seismological and Earth science community.